Gain Marketing Exposure While Helping a High School Student


Above: A few of the recipients of scholarships for college readiness coaching, and their parents and teachers.


College Readiness Coaching

Too many students think they’re not ready for college or can’t afford it.

Too many students enroll without knowing themselves well enough to start on a path right for them.

Too many students don’t make a cost-benefit analysis of their path.

Too many students drop-out, in-debt.

YOU can help students graduate on-time, on-budget, and job-ready.

The Power of 3

Have you considered offering college scholarships? No? Not in your budget, eh? We’ve created a way for you to offer affordable scholarships that make an ENORMOUS difference.

A-STEM Plus has joined forces with Educating Classically and Informed College Decisions to make the best career exploration, coaching, and support services available at the lowest possible cost. Finally, there is a way for a small business to give scholarships!

You can help students avoid the pitfalls that lead to graduating with $37,000 debt and trouble finding a job. You can help alleviate the national shortage of school counselors!

Your scholarship can help them start on the track for success.

Next Steps…

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