Become a Service Provider

Why would you join the network of A-STEM Plus service partners? So you can…

  • Help children
  • Run programs in schools/school districts that do NOT allow For-Profit entities
  • Pay reduced facility use fees at most schools
  • Post electronic flyers through services like Peachjar in schools that do NOT allow for-profit companies
  • Distribute paper flyers at schools that do NOT allow such distribution to for-profits
  • Receive reduced rates when promoting programs and camps under the A-STEM Plus not-for-profit umbrella — and apply for grants and receive donations

A-STEM Plus is a registered 501(c)(3). We help our service partners process fully deductible donations.

Your business model is not affected when you work with A-STEM Plus. When promoting under the A-STEM Plus name, you are a volunteer for A-STEM Plus. When a family or school acquires your service, you deliver it as you normally do, accepting direct payment from parents for example. (Sometimes a school wants to process payment through a non-profit; we can work with that.)

We expect you to help the children in your community. A-STEM Plus service partners pledge to donate a percentage of their ‘seats’ as scholarships to children whose parents cannot afford service. Many of our partners fulfill that pledge by giving scholarships when they have empty seats in a fully funded program.